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Welcome to Ouellette Machinery Systems Inc.
Ouellette Machinery Systems, Inc., is a progressive, well-established leader in the manufacturing of palletizing and depalletizing systems. Founded in 1971, Ouellette Machinery Systems (O.M.S.) has focused on increasing its customer's productivity and efficiencies. O.M.S. has and continues to design and build high quality, technologically advanced product handling equipment and systems necessary to meet industry's present needs as well as needs of the future. A great deal of the equipment contained in this web site has been complimented by the granting of a multitude of patents both domestic and international as well as various patents pending.

O.M.S. is a self-sufficient manufacturer offering a complete line of bulk, case, bag, drum and pail palletizers as well as bulk and case depalletizers ranging from semi-automatic to fully automatic. To compliment our equipment, we also manufacture and supply tabletop chain, and air conveyor systems to include case, bag and pallet conveyor systems to meet your specific needs while providing you with the most efficient handling of your product. O.M.S. also manufactures other product handling equipment which may be found under the "Additional Equipment" Section of this web site. The O.M.S. experienced design staff and state of the art computer aided design department gives us the ability to prepare detailed floor plan layouts and efficiently solve your most complicated product handling needs.

Here at O.M.S. we pride ourselves on the quality of our design and workmanship which goes into all of our products. We are at your service and will do our utmost to meet your needs and requirements.