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DEPALLETIZERS: (High Level Discharge Bulk)
The O.M.S. High Level Bulk Depalletizer Model Series 1000, 1200, 2000 and 3000 are offered semi-automatic to fully automatic.

  • Soft start/soft stop AC frequency drive powered pallet conveyors ensure smooth full pallet infeed flow.
  • Automatically operated hoist well side panels provide bi-directional pallet stack slant straightening.
  • Heavy duty hoist systematically indexes layers in concert with Automatic Slip Sheet Pinchers and Layer Sweep.
  • Superior Automatic Layer Sheet Retaining Mechanism relates to the O.M.S. Contour Pincher Finger Assembly design.
  • Layers are retained on all four sides during the layer sweep cycle with a Front Row Retainer Mechanism to prevent container tipping.
  • Equipped with our standard size heavy duty stairwell/access scaffold and upper level controls panel.
  • Manually operated models also available.
  • Many options are available.
Please contact the O.M.S. factory.
PHONE: (800) 545-7619, (636) 343-7200, SALES FAX: (636) 343-6615