Ouellette Machinery Systems Inc.
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The O.M.S. Case Palletizer offers many benefits such as:

  • Floor level operation requires no stairs or scaffold.
  • Modular concept provides for a variety of floor plans and future layout configurations.
  • Basic models have speed ratings up to 30 cases per minute with features available on initial order or future add-ons for increased speed.
  • Pallet handling adaptability: 24" X 24" up to 44" X 56" and intermediate sizes.
  • Infeed elevation floor plan design to operate in concert with the case packer or case sealer or other peripheral equipment.
  • Many options available.
Please contact the O.M.S. factory.
PHONE: (800) 545-7619, (636) 343-7200, SALES FAX: (636) 343-6615