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PALLETIZERS: (Layer Bagging)
The O.M.S. Fully Automatic Layer Bagging Bulk Palletizer provides for a variety of individual customer blow molding production speeds.

  • The O.M.S. System offers a superior approach, forming layers and pallet loads.
  • Rows of containers (bottles, jars, cans, etc.) are asynchronously processed.
  • Multi-row infeed systems are equipped with separation lane dividers to ensure positive container control.
  • Containers are individually counted to form an exact quantity per row.
  • The rows are also counted to form an exact number for a given pattern array(s).
  • The O.M.S. System provides automatic staggered (nested) pattern forming.
  • Layers are individually processed and maintained from grouping throughout the palletizing cycle.
  • Straight-line flow from row forming, row nesting/layer accumulating, layer bagging, bag transporting and palletizing ensures smooth handling.
  • Bag forming operation consist of two independent rolls of flat film feeding through the layer bag forming module.
  • Seaming of bag sides is electronically achieved and controlled for continuous motion per bag sealing operation.
  • The O.M.S. twin roll design provides extended running time between roll change cycles.
  • Twin roll layer bag forming combined with straight line flow and continuous motion side seaming operation offers moderate to high speed layer bagging production.
  • Machine will handle bottle heights from 3-1/2" to 12".
  • Machine will handle round, square, oval, rectangular, etc., containers.
  • Layer bags from 38" to 48" wide and 18" to 48" long.
  • O.M.S. Layer Bagging Palletizers are automatic from row forming to stacking on the pallet and are equipped with quick change (no tool) features.
  • Some of the options available are as follows:

    Automatic sequential roll transfer carrier system and roll core chucking with empty core retrieval.

    Automatic end of film thermo heat seal/cutting (splicing) to beginning of sequential film roll.

    Additional options available.
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PHONE: (800) 545-7619, (636) 343-7200, SALES FAX: (636) 343-6615