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At O.M.S. we pride ourselves on the quality of our design and workmanship which goes into all of our products. We are at your service and will do our utmost to meet your needs and requirements.

Ouellette Machinery Systems, Inc. is a progressive, well established leader in the manufacturing of palletizing, depalletizing equipment and associated systems. Founded in 1971, Ouellette Machinery Systems (OMS) has focused on increasing customer’s productivity and efficiencies. From inception the OMS goal was and remains to design and manufacture high quality and technologically advanced product handling equipment and systems. Developing intelligible systems necessary to meet industry’s present needs while focusing towards providing for future expansion flexibility is part of the OMS foundation. Hence; certain OMS systems manufactured as far back as 1982 (33 years) vintage have been refurbished and enhanced to meet a variety of today’s redeployments. Various vintage systems have received upgrades to run speeds up to four times faster than the original purchased intent. A majority of OMS manufactured equipment are complimented by the granting of a multitude of patents both domestic and international to include various patents pending.

Ouellette Palletizing Machinery Systems