Finding the Best Depalletizer (Part 2)

Finding the Best Depalletizers (Part 2)

Continued from Part 1

Pivoting panels and closure doors of the main frame work in conjunction with the hoist and power sweep mechanism to greatly reduce falling products from the pallet load when compared to other brand depalletizers. These high level systems are of solid built construction with four point supported hoist, floor supported accumulator table, heavy duty stairwell/access scaffold and upper level controls panel.

We offer a variety of machine configurations allowing you to choose what floor plan will work best for your company. Many enhancement options are available for our machines such as: servo motors, labor reducing quick change options, dual HMI screens, VFD monitoring and changing via HMI, our standard PLC is Allen Bradley but we can and have manufactured machines with other PLC’s. OMS systems have the ability to be upgraded at a later date to provide for new required speeds and or a new product application(s). Many semi-automatic machines can be upgraded in the future to fully automatic. OMS does not re-brand third party parts. We believe you should have the right to purchase third party parts from a local supplier of your choosing.

What Makes OMS an Industry Leader?

Since 1971 OMS has designed and manufactured sophisticated yet intelligible, easily understood machinery systems. We have implemented new technologies that have allowed our customers to achieved greater speeds, developed various labor reducing processes relating to dunnage handling for sheets, picture frames and pallets and implemented many new quick change features. This has given our customers the edge against their competition. Vintage OMS systems have the ability to be upgraded in the future for greater speeds and or new applications. There are examples of existing 25+ year old vintage OMS systems replacing much younger brand “X” systems due to their inability to perform at the speed requirement the brand “X” machine was purchased at. Not only did the existing OMS 25+ vintage systems run the required customer speed, in some cases it ran faster. With our years of experience we can help you choose the right system for your application.