Our Palletizers

Our Palletizers

Here at OMS we are proud of our products. We are proud to be the leader in palletizers and depalletizers who offer some of the best options out there, as we provide our customers with machines that work for them, to their specifications.

We Have Faster and More Efficient Palletizers than Our Competitors

Our palletizers are not only faster than other companies’ products, but we also process the products more efficiently. All of the layers are retained on all four sides, gently but firmly, making sure that the products are enclosed during their entire time onto the pallet. We use multi-row infeed systems that rely on dividers to separate each lane, which ensures that that the container control is ideal. Our systems automatically provide a staggered pattern for each layer to make sure that the products are packed securely.

We Have Customized Layouts to Suit Your Location

If you have ever looked at a palletizer from one of our competitors, you will have noticed that they are set up to work in a large space that they assume all companies that need a palletizer have access to. We know our clients and realize that the area where the palletizer needs to go is rarely a uniform or an extensive space. All of our palletizers can be installed to fit your working space, possibly saving you money on renting larger premises. Our machines, unlike our competitors’, do not use proprietary parts. This means that you can get any replacement parts from your chosen supplier and not have to wait for lengthy international deliveries. This saves you and your maintenance team both time and money.

We Have Been an Industry Leader since 1971

Not only are our machines some of the best in the industry, but we have more patents for this type of equipment than any of our competitors. We have 51 patents in total, enabling our machines to be more efficient, stack your products more securely and essentially streamline the process more than anyone else’s palletizers. We can find solutions for many of your palletizing issues, so be sure to contact us if you have any questions at all.