The American Legion Award

The people of OMS are honored to accept the award from The American Legion, an organization comprised of veterans committed to serving veterans, their families, and their communities. The American Legion had its first gathering in St. Louis in 1919 … Continued

OMS Celebrates 45 Years

In 1971, OMS was founded with the intention to provide services to the drinks industry. This led to the creation of the DeCapper, an in-case bottle cap decapper, and a couple of years later we had our first patent. This … Continued

The Flag of Freedom Award

Our great country owes a lot to the brave men and women that serve it, most people are aware of this but some still turn a blind eye to veterans that are trying to adjust to life outside the military … Continued

Finding the Best Depalletizer (Part 2)

Finding the Best Depalletizers (Part 2) Continued from Part 1 Pivoting panels and closure doors of the main frame work in conjunction with the hoist and power sweep mechanism to greatly reduce falling products from the pallet load when compared … Continued

Finding the Best Depalletizer (Part 1)

Finding the Best Depalletizer Quality depalletizers can make vast impact on your production speeds, labor cost reductions and increase your company’s profit margins. Depalletizers automate the transfer of products (containers, bottles, jars, cans, cases etc.) from pallet stack to an … Continued

Our Palletizers

Our Palletizers Here at OMS we are proud of our products. We are proud to be the leader in palletizers and depalletizers who offer some of the best options out there, as we provide our customers with machines that work … Continued